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The Council of Great Lakes Governors: Great Lakes Biomass State-Regional Partnership

The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity - Biofuels

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne Center for Advanced Bioenergy Research
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Indiana Biomass Energy Working Group

Integrative Center for Biotechnology and Engineering


The Agricultural Marketing Resource Center


Iowa Renewable Fuels Association

The Iowa Energy Center

Iowa Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation


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Kansas Bioscience Authority


Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth,1607,7-154-25676_25753---,00.html

Michigan State University - Bioenergy

The Michigan State University Office of Bio-based Technology


Clean Energy Resource Teams

The Great Plains Institute

The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP)

The Minnesota Project

The North Central Bioeconomy Consortium{70C945E6-A13F-4A40-8C89-B708996177E2}

The University of Minnesota Biotechnology Institute

The University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment


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Missouri Department of Natural Resources


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Biological Systems Engineering Dept: Bioenergy, Renewable Alternatives

North Dakota

North Dakota State University Bioenergy and Product Innovation Center

University of North Dakota Energy and Environmental Resource Center


Green Energy Ohio

Office of the Ohio Consumers' Council

The Ohio Department of Development - Office of Energy Efficiency

The Ohio State University Extension - South Centers - Bioenergy

South Dakota

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National Facilitation Project of the National Water Program: Energy Independence, Bioenergy Generation and Environmental Sustainability

The Center on Wisconsin Strategy

The Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center

The Office of Energy Independence

The University of Wisconsin's Bioenergy & Bioeconomy Team

The Wisconsin Bioenergy Institute

Wisconsin's Bioenergy Forum

Wisconsin Bio-Industry Alliance

Wisconsin's Focus on Energy


Midwest Rural Energy Council


Farmers Legal Action Group

National Agricultural Marketing Resource Center

U.S. Department of Energy - Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

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Energy Generation Technologies

Biomass for Electricity Generation

USDA/FSA Biomass Crop Assistance Program

Energy Information Administration

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

The Minnesota Project - Agriculture and Energy

Focus on Energy

Biomass for Heating

USDA/FSA Biomass Crop Assistance Program

Biomass for Transportation Fuel

USDA/FSA Biomass Crop Assistance Program

US DOE Biomass Program

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Manure for Electricity Generation

Midwest Rural Energy Council

Anaerobic Digester

The Minnesota Project - Biogas/Methane Digesters

Focus on Energy


American Wind Energy Association

Focus on Energy

Midwest Rural Energy Council

The Minnesota Project - Community Wind

Montana State University

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service


Wind Powering America


National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Focus on Energy


National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Focus on Energy

For Educators

House Plans and More: A Kid's Guide to Solar Power in the Home

Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center

The Water Footprint Network

Association of Natural Resource Extension Professionals

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